Paya- the underground mining city

Paya is built directly into a deep cave. The mouth of the cave has been closed off completely with big boulders. Only a small hole for mice has been left open. After one squeezes through, one stands in the enormous cavern, lit by torches everywhere and will be greeted by the grumpy and heavily armed wall guard. The village is made up off small wooden huts in the middle of the cave and a small inn to the side. The mine itself is an open facility where everything is collected and smelted. Smiths of every kind work side by side. The mining itself happens in the many arms of the cave, which are like a labyrinth and lead deeper into the mountain. Many rumours are spreading though the village about what can be found deep in the mountain.


  • Type: Village
  • Name: Paya (Stonewall)
  • Terrain: mountain
  • Defences: watch – There are a few watchers posted who look out for trouble and
    settle small problems, but their main role is to summon the militia.
  • Population: steady – the population is in line with the current size of the steading.
    Some slow growth.
  • Prosperity: poor – only the bare necessities for sale. Unskilled labour is
    readily available.
  • Tags: Resource (ores), Trade (tools, weapons, armor),


  • Strength: right between two important new world villages
  • Weakness: danger lurks deep below


Troublesome quest: We need more skilled laborers to really kickstart the mining business. Someone with connections should advertise our newfound village.

Progress: — — — — — — — — — —

Impending Doom: In Fall -1population

Formidable quest: We need to explore the caverns deep below. This mountain will become ours.

Progress: — — — — — — — — — —

Impending Doom: In winter the city will get company from down below.