Merenranta – woodworker and fishermen village

Merenranta is  a little village of a dozen small huts and a small port. Thanks to the profitable timber trade, the viallge is prospering, and attracts a lot of colonists from the old world. It thus suffers from being packed and lawless. Being situated in a marsh and confined by thick woods doesn’t help the enlargment of the village either.

The main port to get to Merenranta is situated in Elesett a booming town in the old world, controlled by a powerful family of noblemice. At the moment the nobles are engaged with affairs in the old world, but if an opportunity for profit arises the situation will change rapidly.

  • Type: Village
  • Name: Merenranta (Seaside)
  • Terrain: marsh
  • Defences: militia – there are able-bodied mice with worn weapons
    ready to be called, but no standing force.
  • Population: growing – more mice than there are buildings.
  • Prosperity: wealthy – Any mundane item can be found for sale. Most kinds of
    skilled labourers are available, but demand is high for their time.
  • Tags: Resource (timber), Oath (old world), Trade (timber), Lawless, Major Port


  • Strength: on a major trade route
  • Weakness: absorbes most mice from the old world



Dangerous quest: In winter the port may freeze over. We need to find a suitable food supply until then or the villagers will starve.

Progress: X X X X X X — — — —

✔ Dangerous quest: Our understanding of the surroundings is poor. We should explore it systematically. The patrons in the old world will surely reward us if we send them a finely crafted map. Progress: X X X X X X X X _ Progress Move: 4,6. Vow Fullfilled. Prosperity goes from moderate -> wealthy.

✔ Troublesome quest: We found jewels all kinds of ores, but no jewels, in the mountains nearby. We should construct a mine and make a trail between the mine and the village. Progress: X X X X X X X X X X

✔ Troublesome quest Slay the owl. Spring 1493

✔ Troublesome vow Mysterious murders. Spring 1493

✔ Troublesome vow Lost caravan. Spring 1493