Vienna 2033

//Post apocalyptic Ironsworn campaign in the underground tunnels of Vienna. Heavily influenced by Stalker, Metro 2033 and Necromunda.


House “The Triforce”:

The gangers that fight in the name of “The Triforce” are brutes. The church of Triforce was founded in the underground shopping center of the Hauptbahnhof station and preaches the life of three truths: Nike the godess of good wear, Monster the god of good drink and Nintendo the God of good play. A good Triforce soldier needs to flaunt their strength wherever they go and wear an air of brutality like a mantle. The soldiers of the Triforce, if not pumping weights at the Hauptbahnhof gym are usually raiding, the surrounding stations, for new clothes, energy drinks or games.

Leader: Max Power

  • tattoed and scarred, awkward, drug addict (monster energydrink)
  • Edge: 2, Iron: 3, Heart: 2, Shadow: 1, Wits: 1
  • Health: 5, Spirit: 5, Supply: 5, Momentum: 3

Headquarters: Hauptbahnhof

Riches: +2

Wealthy: Any mundane item can be found for sale. Most kinds of
skilled labourers are available, but demand is high for their time.

Population: +1

Steady: The population is in line with the current size of the steading.
Some slow growth.

Defense: 0

Militia: There are able-bodied men and women with worn weapons
ready to be called, but no standing force.


Ambulance: A friendly doc has made Hauptbahnhof his home. He offers to patch your fighters up at favorable rates in return for blood and tissue donations. If your crew lost health and your gangers have some time to rest you might trade one spirit for one health. Loss of a few pints of blood is nothing for a fit ganger, in return he will treat the injured gangers of your crew.

Scrapmine: In a secret location your gang has discovered an enormous pile of scrap metal. The excavations yield valuable metals and tech. Juves and elderly are working there tirelessly. +1 Riches 

Guilder contact: A trades guild has set up shop in your hive. A share of the proceedings goes to your gang, increasing your income substantially. +1 Riches, +1 if you are looking for gear

Old ruins: There are old ruins of a shopping center above. If a ganger has time to search them for goods, he might find something valuable. +1 Riches if you command a ganger to search

Settlement: The families of your gang fighters own holes and workshops inside your hive. These holdings help to support the gang by providing food and shelter.

Spring 2033

Traders report of some emnity building in the community of Landstraße Wien Mitte station. Max Powers sends a group of gangers to scout out the way and ascertain the situation.

Dangerous quest: Find out what happens in Landstraße station. Deal with it if possible.

Progress: 0

Undertake a troublesome journey to Matzleinsdorferplatz. +1 wits. 5/1,5. Strong hit.

Arriving in Matzleinsdorferplatz the gangers, while poking around in the seemingly abandoned station, discover a concealed entrance into a network of ventilation shafts. When the gangers need to defend the station their knowledge will allow them to surprise the attackers.

:: Matzleinsdorferplatz

: Vents: concealed entrance into a network of ventilation shafts. When the gangers need to defend the station their knowledge will allow them to surprise the attackers.

Undertake a troublesome journey to Landstraße. +1 wits. 6/8,9. Miss. Pay the price. A person or community is exposed to danger.

As the gangers shuffle on towards Landstraße a machine gun starts to roar without warning. The leader, leading his crew from the front as customary, is hit right into the chest.

-1health(4). Endure harm +4health. 3/3,4 Strong hit. Embrace the pain +1momentum(4)

Even before their leader hit the floor, the gangers charge in reckless abandon unloading their guns on auto while sprinting forward.

Enter the fray. +1wits. 5/3,3. Strong hit. +2momentum(6). Strike. +3iron. 2/6,9. Miss. -2health(3). Endure harm: 2/3,5. Weak hit.

As they charge two more gangers are brought down by the surprisingly effective gun fire, when suddenly the first of them aprubtly stops his charge and yells “Retreat, its a drone.” As he yells he is riddled with bullets.

-1health(2). Endure harm 2/10,10. Miss. -1momentum(5). Face danger. +2edge. 4/7,8. Miss. Pay the price: You are separated from something. -1supply(4).

Realizing that they are charging a robot, the gangers drop their weapons immediatly and sprint back into safety as fast as possible. Battered and broken they make their way back to Headquarters.

Max Power: “So these buggers placed a machinegun robot on our connecting tunnel. This is war! A war we cannot take the offense in it seems.” He leans over his old map of the underground network and sighs. “Well, time to move into Karlsplatz and get at them from the other side.”

Milestone reached (important intel discovered), Heal: 1/4,9. Miss. Aid is ineffective. Use ambulance. +1health(3), -1spirit(4), Make camp. +4supply. 5/2,6. Strong hit. Recuperate +1health(4). Focus +1mometum(6). Relax +1spirit(5)

Health: 4, Spirit: 5, Supply: 4, Momentum: 6


Dangerous quest: Find out what happens in Landstraße station. Deal with it if possible.

Progress: 2

Author: bernhard1986

Father of a 2 year old, working at a star up in a rural community. Like the occasional solo game in the evening

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