A long and bloody battle

Mild, overcast, drizzle. Marching order 1st to third batallion. Enemy far.

Keen observation revealed to me a slight depression which would allow us to move into range mostly unseen.

Face danger +3 wits. 5/1,10. Weak hit. The depression turns out to be quite muddy. -1 spirit.

First of the men already started moaning as the march turned out to be rougher than anticipated. Once in range we formed line.

Face danger +2 edge. 2/6,7. Miss. Pay the price – a new foe is revealed.

The regiment Normandy, we had recognised their uniforms by now, had brought with them 2 small 3pounders. Hitting 1st batallion with grape while we formed line.

-1health to 1st batallion(4). Endure harm. +4. 1/3,7. Weak hit.

The men pressed on even though their comrades fell left and right, falling back on the automatic movements impressed into them during drill. By now 2nd batallion were ready for their first volley.

Enter the fray. 2nd batallion. +2heart. 1/8,10. Miss. Pay the price -1momentum(2).

Even though 2nd batallion had shown good performances on the shooting range, the muskets of the enemy cracked first.

2nd batallion -3health(2). Endure harm. 2/4,7. Miss. -1momentum(1).

The answer from 2nd batallion was already markeldy weaker in sound than what they had received.

Clash. +2edge. 3/1,2. Strong hit. +1momentum(2). +2progress(2).

It turned out, that the training did have it’s effect after all as many bullets found their mark.

While all of this was happening 3rd batallion traded blows on the other side of the line.

Enter the fray. +2heart. 3/9,10. Miss.

They too were beaten to the punch by the French.

3rd batallion -3health(2). Endure harm. 1/2,6. Weak hit.

They released their muskets.

Clash. +2edge. 3/3,4. Strong hit. +1momentum(3). +2progress(4).

Finally 1st batallion finished forming firing line.

Enter the fray. +2heart. 3/2,6. Weak hit. Strike. +2edge. 6/4,6. Strong hit. +3progress(7).

2nd batallion was already reloading frantically as the volley from 1st hit.

Face danger. +2edge. 4/3,6. Weak hit. -1supply(4).

They immediately send their second volley, handidly beating the French, who are still fumbling their muskets.

Strike. +2edge. 1/2,8. Weak hit. +1progress(8).

The French volley hit shortly after.

2nd batallion -2health(0). -1momentum(2). Endure harm. 4/7,8. Miss. -1momentum(1).

2nd batallion was struck hard. The few soldiers who were still standing were on the brink of panicking and fleeing. We had to get them out of here. We ordered 3rd batallion to charge immediately.

Turn the tide. Strike. +1iron. 6/1,6. Strong hit. +1progress(9). +1momentum(2). End the fight. 9p/4,7. Strong hit.

The charge is decisive as the regiment Normandy reels back in panic leaving the field.

Aftermath first battle:

  • supply(4). Momentum(2).
  1. 4h, 4s. EF 1F. SC 1P.
  2. 0h, 4s. EF 1F. EH 2F. SC 1P
  3. 2h, 4s. EF 1F. CF 1P

Evening in camp. We tried to compel the quartermaster to assign extra recruits to us.

Heal. +1iron. 4/3,8. Weak hit. +2health(2). -1supply(3)

He complies but forces us to give up some supplies in return. Next we resupply at the makeshift warehouse.

Resupply. +3wits. 6/8,9. Weak hit. +2supply(5). -2momentum(0).

Finally everyone just breaks down and falls asleep.

Make camp. +5supply. 4/8,10. Weak hit. Recuperate +1health.

Aftermath evening after:

  • supply(5). Momentum(0).
  1. 5h, 4s. EF 1F. SC 1P.
  2. 3h, 4s. EF 1F. EH 2F. SC 1P
  3. 3h, 4s. EF 1F. CF 1P


Author: bernhard1986

Father of a 2 year old, working at a star up in a rural community. Like the occasional solo game in the evening

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