Systems Test: Colonel Proprietor – the game

//What is this? This is a systemtest for a Mouse Guard X Ironsworn hack, with which I wish to simulate Age of Reason wars at the regimental level.

One of my fascinations is battle in the Age of Reason. Soldiers usually met in long lines and started a deadly but formalized duel, seeing who could demoralize or kill faster. That’s really incomprehensible to me.

To bring just one example. At the battle of Fontenoy individual french regiments were routed just to go back in for another round a little later. WHAT? How did one motivate humans to do something like that:

“Ok guys so the english are very good at shooting us. We just fell back, because so many of our comrades dropped dead all along the line. I propose, we should go back in and find out if we are able to shoot faster this time. To make it fair though, we will just stand in line again. No ducking allowed.”

I want to try to explore the drama of war from the perspective of one little regiment, somewhere in the battle line, no manouevering, just shooting and shouting.

In my first test Infantry Regiment 37 “Von Eisenhut” will do some training and go to battle.


Volley, +2 Edge. 3/2,4. Strong hit. +1 volley to all

Advance, +2 Heart. 6/8,9. Miss

Volley, +2E. 4/3,7. Weak hit. +1 volley to one batallion.



A battle in the mountains. Early morning. Weather: chilly, cloudy, downpour, windy.

Von Eisenhuts regiment is positioned in the center. The regiment to the left is renowned for its prowess, the one on the right is middling at best. Von Eisenhut will have to keep an eye on its performance.

There are earthworks very close just to the front and difficult ground can be seen far to the other side of the valley.

The enemy is still far.

Order: manouver to the earthworks. +3 wits. 1/7,10. Miss. The enemies artillery starts hitting us immediatly. They too discovered the strategic importance of the earthworks. -1spirit

Order: form line. CANCELED -1Ouvre(4).

Order: Press on. +2heart. 4/7,7. Miss. Von Eisenhut’s speech is interrupted by more cannonballs bouncing all around him. His men don’t move. Enemy prepares a cavalry charge.

Order: Dress Ranks: -1Ouvre(3) +2heart. 1/1,5. Weak hit. +1 spirit(4) for Batallion 3.

Order: Receive. 5/4/10. The cavalry charges all along the line. Von Eisenhut’s regiment is ready to receive them. Weak hit. +2harm(3). Prepare to act. As the cavalry is thrown back in some disorder. Von Eisenhut gives the order to fire.

Strike. +2 Edge. 4/1,5. Strong hit. inflict 9progress on cavalry.

End the fight 9progress/8,6. Strong hit. The cavalry are scattered by the volley.

Battle Milestone X X X _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

A quick glance left and right along the battle line shows von Eisenhut, that the cavalry is repeled everywhere. Some of the first line regiments seem in bad condition though. Let’s secure an advantage position now.

Order: Advance to earthworks. +3wits. 1/4,10. Miss. The enemy used the time we spent with the cavalry to occupy the earthworks himself. We are greeted by a volley of musketfire. +1harm(2).

Order: Form line (canceled) -1Ouvre(2).

Order: Assault: +1iron. 2/1,2. strong hit. 9progress on enemy infantry.

End the fight: We throw the enemies infantry out of the earthworks. 9progress/3,4. Strong hit. Enemy infantry routed.

Battle Milestone X X X X X X _ _ _ _ 

Call up artillery to pound the enemies battery. Compel. +2heart. 5/3,4.  Strong hit. The general acts immediatly on Von Eisenhuts proposal. A battery of big guns is brought forward and starts hitting the enemy positions almost immedialty.

Battle Milestone X X X X X X X _ _ _ 

A short glance left and right shows von Eisenhut that the line is holding. What does the enemy do?

Fulfill vow. 7progress/2,8. Weak hit. The enemy is falling back, but in good order. As the sun is setting Von Eisenhut realizes that tomorrow the battle will start anew. He has one night to tend to his battered regiment.






Author: bernhard1986

Father of a 2 year old, working at a star up in a rural community. Like the occasional solo game in the evening

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