Summer 1493 (4)

Weather: Mild sunny breezy.

Miklos surveys the work being done in Vapaanki. Other mice are way better than him at planning and working on land. His fur is itching to get on a boat again. Well enough, he thinks to himself, time to explore the rivers eastward.

Undertake Journey: 3/2,8. +3wits. Weak hit. -1supply (4)

At a fork in the river, Miklos spots some Ferrets to the north. He decides to follow the other river upstream to stay clear of the ferrets.

Undertake Journey: 6/3,9. +3wits. Weak hit. -1supply (3)

Undertake Journey: 6/3,9. +3wits. Weak hit. -1supply (3)

after crossing a large swamp, where the flow of the river isn’t clear at all times, as the arms crossed cross like a labyrinth, Miklos finally reachs a hill on which a giant statue of a bushel of brain is built. It seems to be effected by the same ancient mouse civilization on whose ruins Vapaanki is built.

Undertake Journey: 1/7,7. +3wits. Miss. The weather worsens. Seems like rain is coming.

Miklos decides to make camp at the statue.

As the rain clouds are approaching, Miklos inspects the giant statue. At it’s pedestal stories of mice are engraved. Mice differently clothed, coming together and sharing all kinds of goods. It seems like this statue was a meeting place. As the sun sets Miklos finds an entrance into the statue. He decides to wait until the next morning before exploring further.

Make camp. +3 supply. 6/4,10. Weak hit. +1momentum (4).

Next morning Miklos is awakened by the first sun rays and immediately starts exploring. To his surprise what looked like a statue from a far turns out to be a giant building. From the way the corridors and rooms are laid out it reminds him of the warehouses in the old world, but probably 10 times the size. He starts climbing up some old stairs.

Face danger. +2edge. 2/4,8. But as he does a ferret suddenly charges at him, from upstairs.

Enter the fray. +3wits. 1/2,3. Strong hit.

Miklos reacts in an instant and counter charges the ferret blazing fast. Secure an advantage. +2edge. 3/5,9. Miss. The ferret inflicts its harm -2 health(3).

Pay the price. First roll 2 – roll again and make it worse. 88 – it requires to expend ressources.

Miklos flees through the hallways losing all of his supplies(0). He is running for his life trying to get away from the ferret.

Face danger. +2edge. 6/9,10. Miss. Ferret does its harm -2 health(1).

Pay the price. a new threat complicates things.

Suddenly another ferret emerges in front of him.

Enter the fray. +2edge. 1/10,10. Miss.

Pay the price. 52, a new foe is revealed.

Miklos glances another ferret to the right. He needs to get out of here.

Clash. +1 Iron. 3/5,10. Miss. Ferret does its harm -1 health(0). -1 Momentum(3)

Endure harm. +1iron. 1/8,10. Miss. -1 Momentum(2)(wounded). Battered but still standing

Secure advantage. +2edge. 5/8,9. Miss. Ferret does its harm -2 Momentum (0).

Endure harm. +1 iron. 5/6,10. Miss. -1 Momentum (-1). (maimed).

The wounds are mortal.

Face death. +1heart, 2/4,9. Miklos is dead.

Vow for Merenranta fullfilled.

RIP Miklos.


Author: bernhard1986

Father of a 2 year old, working at a star up in a rural community. Like the occasional solo game in the evening

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