Summer 1493 (2+3)

Map of the new world in summer 1493

//this is just a really short summary, as I played the last sessions mostly “offline”.

Vilppus party is scattered by a ferret hunting party. Vilppu himself, badly wounded and maimed, drags himself through the mountains, in the broad direction of Merenranta.

Miklos Thema Sailor decided to establish a city in the fields of gold. And tries to find a way north to Merenranta overland, meeting the newly built mine on his way.

Viktor the master builder from Elesett organised the villagers for the construction of the mine and went on his way. I have more details on that adventure. Although very brief as well:

Secure advantage. With precision +2. 3/1,10. Organising the materials takes longer than anticipated. -1 spirit.

They try to make a path to the mining site. Face danger. +3 wits. 2/4,9. They lose their way a few times. -1 supply.

Undertake journey. +3 wits. 5/7,9. Weak hit. -1 supply. +3progress

Undertake journey. +3 wits. 3/4,5. Strong hit. +3progress

Undertake journey. +3 wits. 4/2,4. Strong hit. +3progress

Milestone reached.

Reach destination. 9/1,8. Viktor immediately orders a wooden elevator to be built into the mouth of the cave.

Face danger. +1. +3wits. 3/6,6. Strong hit. Extra good through matches. Everyone considers this a milestone. Milestone reached.

Build a few small houses. 3/3,9. Weak hit. -1supply.

Check jewels. Gather information. +3wits. Strong hit. Viktor immediately discovers that these sparkling stones are not jewels after all. They may have looked that way from far away and too a greedy mouse even more so. No these stones are something completely different. He throws one of them to the ground and it explodes, throwing small stones everywhere.

Milestone reached.

Build the mining facility. +3wits. 6/1,9. Weak hit. -1supply.

Close off the mouth of the cave and build a doorway to be safe from predators. +3 wits. 2/1,2. Strong hit.

Build an inn. +3wits. 2/1,9. Weak hit. -1supply. Supply is now at zero.

Milestone reached.


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Father of a 2 year old, working at a star up in a rural community. Like the occasional solo game in the evening

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