Summer 1493 (1)

As the ships with food and costruction gear arrive, the mice gather and discuss the next steps in a great assembly.

Piriot is for constructing the mine as fast as possible. Dangerous Quest

Vilppu wants to explore a few days worth marching in every direction to find a food source that gets the colony through the winter. Dangerous Quest

Miklos – captain of the fastest ship in port offers to explore up or down coast to aid the colony. Troublesome quest. After much deliberation the mice decide that he should sail south first.

Weather: mild, hazy, humid

Undertake journey. +3 wits. +1 sea wise. 5/2/9. Weak hit. 2progress -1 supply (4).

Discovery: On the coast Miklos sees the ruins of an old city, almost completely overgrown with jsut the remnants of old towers being a clear indicator of what once happened here. Their is no indication of a destructive event like a war or earthquake. It seems like the mice who built the city abandoned it a few hundred years ago.

Undertake journey. +3 wits. +1 proficient sailor. 2/1/3. Strong hit. 2progress.

Undertake journey. +3 wits. +1 proficient sailor. 2/7/8. Miss. the weather worsens. A thunderstorm is coming from the sea. The mice decide to press on. -1 spirit (4).

Undertake journey. +3 wits. +1 proficient sailor. 2/5,9. Weak hit. -1 supply (3). 2progress.

Undertake journey. +3 wits. +1 proficient sailor. 3/1/8. Weak hit. -1 supply (2). 2 progress.

Reach destination. 6progress/5,5. Matches. The mice discover the mouth of a big river. With the storm quickly approaching they decide to sail inland a bit and make landfall, wherever shelter from the thunderstorm may be gotten. Milestone reached. After sailing upstream for a bit, they discover the ruins of another major city. As thunder cracks around them the Mice, led by Miklos, quickly fasten the boat and take refuge amidst the ruins. Miklos, adventurous as he is, climbs one of the old towers and from his lookout he can see that the old city ruins are situated in a field of wild crops as far as his eyes can see. Overwhelmed with joy Miklos is overcome by fatigue and falls asleep.

Meanwhile in Merenranta Vilppu is hatching a plan. To the east of the village is a wasteland to the south are mountains. His first expedition will thus head straight north. Before sunrise the adventurers will cross the bay and resupply at the abandoned bandits camp. As soon as the sun is up they will start marching north.

Undertake journey. +1 wits. +1hardy Vilppu (n3). 3/3,4. Strong hit. +2progress. -1supply(3). +1momentum (7).

Undertake journey. +1 wits. +1hard Vilpuu (n2). 6/7,7. Strong hit. +2progress. -1supply(2). +1momentum (8).

Undertake journey. +1 wits. 1/4,5. Miss. -1supply(1). The hard pace from Vilppu is too much for the other mice. They suffer -1health(2).

Vilppu (n1) understands that it is time for a break. While the other mice rest he scavenges for food. Resupply. +1wits. +1athletic. 6/3,5. Strong hit. +2supply(3). Make camp. +3supply. 4/1,8. Burn Momentum(2) Strong hit. Recuparate, +Health(3). Focus, momentum(3). Prepare +1forward. As Vilppus anture is reduced to one now, he will withdraw himself until direly needed.

Undertake journey. +1 wits. 3/2,10. Weak hit. +2progress. -1supply(2).

Undertake journey. +1 wits. 2/8,9. Miss. The break was too short. -1spirit(3) as the mice are tiring. Dispirited as they are, they don’t watch where they are going as attentive as before and lose their bearings.

Undertake journey. +1 wits. 4/3,10. Weak hit. +2progress. -1supply(1).

Reach destination. 8progress/6,8. Weak hit. While stumbling through the hills, the party suddenly reaches a river. On the other side of the river they see a horde of mice frantically fighting each other in complete chaos. They don’t seem to notice or care about the small advernturing party. The villagers look look on in astonishment as these firstborn mice go at each other throats with reckless abandon. Milestone reached.

As more and more firstborn mice stop fighting and start taking an interest in the small party, Vilppu pulls himself together and orders the villagers to retreat into the bushes.

Compel +3heart. 4/3,7. Weak hit. While Vilppu is sucessfull, he has to use some rather gross swearwords. Some of the mice are thus dispirited -1spirit(2). Vilppu’s nature is now taxed.

As the sun is setting the distraught party makes camp. 5/9,10. +3supply. Miss.

Pay the price. A new threat complicates things. Unfortunately the mice don’t get any rest, as they hear a fox creeping through the bushes.

Next morning they decide to tiptoe to the river and use any leafs they can find to be carried downstream, away from the fox and the crazy firstborns.

Face danger. +2shadow. 4/7,9. They make it, but while they reach the shore they are noticed by the remaining firstborn mice. All of them bloodied and wounded, but apparently to tired to fight on. The sickening sight further lowers morale among the mice -1spirit(1).

Undertake a journey. +1wits. 5/8,8. Miss. Matches: very bad result! Pay the price: a person you trusted acts against you.

Suddenly Rahona emerges from the bushes with a group of firstborn mice in tow. They seem to be outfitted with bows. They draw their bows and shoot right at the helpless mice on the leafs. -2 health (1).

The desperate mice try to speed up their boats before a second volley can land using everything they have as paddles. Face danger. +3heart. 1/6,10. Miss. A second volley lands -2health(0). Endure harm +1Iron. 4/3,4. Weak hit. The few remaining mice duck low into their leafs and hang on. Thankfully the river has carried them out of harms way.

The mice don’t dare to get off the leafboats for an entire day. -1supply(2). Finally after crossing a large wasteland, the river goes into a thick forest. When suddenly after a bend in the river they notice a tower built onto a boulder in the middle of the river, connected to the shore by a bridge to the left and right.

The size of the keep tells the distraught party, that it had to be built by animals considerably larger than themselves.

The helpless mice send a prayer to their mice gods and duck low into their leaves, hoping that whoever mans the tower doesn’t discover them.

Face danger. +2shadow. 5/4,5. Strong hit. The mice hear nothing and see noone, the only sign of live being the smoke from the chimneys.

With all their rations eaten by now, the mice decide, with a heavy heart, to make landfall.








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Father of a 2 year old, working at a star up in a rural community. Like the occasional solo game in the evening

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