Spring 1493 (5)

Weather: mild, sunny, breezy

The villagers consult Vilppu in the tavern. The owl was seen in the sky very often in the last week. It seems as if she senses the invasion of her turf by the mice. “Oh yes the owl” Vilppu moans “we will need to take care of her”. Vilppu goes to Piriot, who had himself built a nice house at the seaside. “Piriot my Lord, we are eager to get the jewel mine going and let our small village prosper, but there is one more thing to do before that.”

“What is it now? Didn’t I order food and gear and all of it at my expense?”

“It’s about the owl”

“I see”

Compel. +3 heart. 1/3,7. Weak hit.

“My dear Vilppu, I will gladly pay the strongest woodworkers in town and the deftest fishermen for 3days worth, to go slay that beast with you, but…”

“What is it my lord”?”

“If I will donate myself to this little colony, and lead it into a new era, you will speak for me in the gathering and you will support my claim to Baronhood.”

“Sure my Lord”

Vilppu quickly went outside as the air inside the house suddenly felt quite cold. What an aloof idiot this Piriot could be. Merenranta a duchy? Piriot Lord Baron of Merenranta. Ha only fools can believe it. Let’s get the ablest mice and do what really needs to be done.

Compel. +3heart. +1bond +1cunning Vilppu (n4). 3/2,6. Strong hit.

Vilppu gathers the strongest woodworkers with long pikes and the deftest fishermen with nets and ropes. His plan couldn’t be simpler. Attack the owl while it’s sleeping during the day. Tie it down and stab it until it bleeds to death. It would surely be an end deserved by such a foul beast.

Undertake a Journey. +1bond. +1wits. +1cunning. 5/5,7. Strong hit. The villagers look for any trace of the owl in the woods. Gather information. +1wits. 6/8,9. Miss. While the mice is fanned out to look for the owl suddenly appears above them. It immediatly heads for Vilppu, dive bombing with incredible speed. Enter the fray. +1wits. Vilppu waits for the last moment (cunning) and uses all his strength (brawny) and speed (athletic) to push a pike in the owls direction, one second before it would get her (+3, n2). 2/1/6. Strong hit.

As the owl lands, its left foot is pierced by the pike. Immediatly the fishermen come running from all sides to capture the beast with their nets and ropes. Strike. +3 Iron. 1/2,7. Weak hit. The mice manage to inflict 2 harm, but the owl frees itself and the mice are pushed away. The woodworkers arrive forming a hedgehog with their pikes in which the other mice hide. Secure an advantage. +3 Iron. 3/1/2. Strong hit. The owl is blinded by its rage and attacks into the hedgehog. Strike. +3 Iron, +1 advantage. 5/3/4. Strong hit. +2 harm. The owl is badly harmed by the wall of pikes. The mice start driving her back while she staggers, unable to get the breathing room needed to lift up into the air. Strike. +3 Iron. 1/4/6. Miss. The owl side steps the charging mice and sweeps them with her beak. Clash. +3 Iron 3/1,2. Strong hit. The mice wild their pikes in reaction while the fishermen use the owls lowered head to swing their nets. +2 harm +1 extra harm.  Vilppu uses the opportunity to jump out of heap of mice, right towards the owls head, swinging his pike axe wildly. Strike +3 Iron. Brawny Athletic Cunning +3. 3/1,1. Strong hit. +2 harm +1 harm. The axe cracks right through the owls forehead with a earsplitting thud. Vilppu is carried on by his momentum landing a few meters behind the owl, while the owl slowly falls over. End the fight. 9progress/5,6. Strong hit.

The villagers carry Vilppu home, celebrating him as their hero (nature restored). Sojourn +2 heart 3/4,10. Weak hit. +2 supply.

Vilppu advances:

Through his almost daily use of his pickaxe as a weapon Vilppu gains the ability:

Proficient fighter: If Vilppu uses his pickaxe in a fight he does +1harm.





Author: bernhard1986

Father of a 2 year old, working at a star up in a rural community. Like the occasional solo game in the evening

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