Spring 1493 (4)

Weather: chilly, cloudy, downpur, windy

Recap: After his last adventure with the firstborn wise Rahona, Vilppu was left depressed. Maybe he was moved by Rahonas believe in harmony between nature and mice, or he was just disappointed by the lack of reaction when he told his newest story in the tavern of Merenranta.

Luckily one chilly morning a boat arrived and a noblemouse from Elesett set foot into the village. Piriot was determined to find glory and renown in the new world. First step: visit the local tavern.

A drunken (still) Vilppu tries to convince Piriot that he is one of the greatest adventurers to ever live. Compel +3heart +1cunning. 5/1,1. Strong hit. Cost payed, Vilppus nature is no longer taxed.

The townspeople try to convince Piriot in helping them to find a food source for the winter. Compel +3heart. Vilppu chimes in by telling talltales of his adventures +1 Cunning. 4/7,8. Weak hit. Piriot agrees to divert some of is families resources under the condition that they also look for resources to exploit. As Vilppu is a jeweler, they decide to look for jewels or precious ores in the wildernes.

First the adventure party resupplies in the storehouse. Resupply +1bond. 1/12,12. Miss. Pay the price. The situation worsens. The adventures discover that the stores are infested with mice and not useable. The village is in dire need of food.

Undertake Journey. +1wits. +1bond. Vilppu leads the men by example (n2) +1. 2/4,8. Weak hit. +3 progress. -1 supply. Undertake Journey. +1wits. 2/2,12. Weak hit. +3 progress. -1 supply. The party reaches an area of hills. They discover a few berry bushes (no joke it happened). +1 supply.

Undertake Journey. +1wits 4/2,4. Strong hit. +3progress.

Reach destination. 9progress/10,11. Miss. After crossing the hills towards a mountain range the mice notice that they moved into a wasteland. The mountainrange being far away in the distance. Crossing the wasteland is no option without supplies, they head south, but lose a lot of time. With their first enthusiasm gone, the party moves markedly slower.

Undertake Journey. +1wits. 2/1,10. Weak hit. +2 progress. -1 supply. Undertake Journey. +1wits. 3/2,3. Strong hit. +2 progress. Undertake Journey. +1wits. 2/1,10. Weak hit. +2 progress. -1 supply. Undertake Journey. +1wits. 3/2,3. Strong hit. +2 progress.

Vilppu (n1) recognises that they must be dangerously close to the nest of the owl encountered in the beginning of spring. He leads the party slowly through the mountains using every possible cover. Face Danger. +2 shadow. 2/7,8. Miss. Pay the price. The weather worsens. A cold storm sucks the physical and mental strength out of the party. -1health + -1spirit.

Undertake Journey. +1 wits. 4/3,6. Weak hit. Party is now out of supply. +2 progress.

Reach destination. 8progress/5,9. Weak hit. The mice finally find a cave in the mountains in which sparkling jewels can be seen. To reach the deposit a steep downwards climb is needed though. Unfortunately the mice don’t have gear to make the climb. They decide to move back home.

Back in the tavern Vilppu (n0 taxed nature) tries to compel Piriot to use his resources to supply them the needed gear to start mining the jewels and to feed the villagers until profits are made. Compel +3heart. +1cunning. 1/1,7. Weak hit. Piriot consents but the villagers have to sign a treaty that 60% of the profit goes directly to Piriot. Vilppus nature restored by convincing Piriot and bragging a little bit about the adventure.

Piriot (n4) writes a letter to his family, urging them to send builders and gear to construct a jewel mine and to use the fastest boats available to send foodstuffs for the villagers. Compel +3heart. Piriot+2 orater/manipulator +1power. 4/6,6. Strong hit. +1momentum.

The foodstuffs will be here for the next session. The gear and builders will arrive in summer.






Author: bernhard1986

Father of a 2 year old, working at a star up in a rural community. Like the occasional solo game in the evening

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