Spring 1493 (3)

The firstborn addresses Vilppu directly. “Thanks for taking out the bandits for me. If it wasn’t for you, I would’ve done it myself. You shouldn’t march home now, the sun is setting and the woods are dangerous at night.

Vilppu decides to make camp at the bandits lair. +2 supply. 3/4,5. Weak hit. Prepare +1 forward undertake journey.

In the morning the firstborn appears again. “My name is Rahona. Good that you prepared yourself as, I need you to take out the remaining bandits. They entered our holy ground.” Vilppu decides to go with Rahona, while the townsmice escort the bandits back to the village.

Undertake journey +1. Rahona (n2) +1. +1wits. 2/2,4. Strong hit. +3 progress. 6/1,4. Strong hit. Rahona (n1) leads Vilppu along a hidden path to a lake at a waterfall. +3 progress. 5/6,9. Weak hit. +3 progress, -1 supply.

Reach destination. 7, 12. Weak hit. Rahona leads Vilppu along the river to a huge stone statue hidden in the woods. Unfortunately Vilppu trips over a branch alerting the bandits.

Enter the fray. +1wits. 6/5,12. Weak hit. Rahona takes initiative.

Rahona uses the fact that all attention lies on the stumbling Vilppu, to sneak up on one of the bandits and attacks with her hunting knife. Strike. +2 shadow. +1 Rahona (n0). 5/7,12. Weak hit. +2 harm. She kills one of the bandit bowmen.

The others send a volley of arrows towards Vilppu. Clash. 4/11,12. Miss. Health -1. Pay the price: -1 spirit.

Turn the tide. Vilppu shakes off the arrows hanging in his fur. Shrieks manicly and charges the bandit bowmen. Strike. +1 iron. +2 brawny, athletic. 4/3,1. Strong hit. +2 harm.

End the fight. 8 progress versus 5,6. Strong hit. Vilppu kills the remaining bandits. Rahonas cost is payed (do good to nature).

Rahona leads Vilppu back home to Merenranta. Sojourn: 4/8,10. Miss. Vilppu’s cost is not payed as he misses the opportunity to brag of his adventure. His nature is now taxed.


Author: bernhard1986

Father of a 2 year old, working at a star up in a rural community. Like the occasional solo game in the evening

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