March 17th 1493

Weather: mild, overcast, drizzle

Overnight, while every mice curated their honey hangover a murder happened. It’s a known donogood and thief. A murder among criminals?

Bully the local crime Lord into telling the truth about what happened? Compel. +1 iron threaten. Vilppu uses cunning, devious and his brawny looks. +3. Loyalty -1(3). 1/2,6. Weak hit. +1 momentum. +1 forward. -1 supply. We have to bribe the crime Lord.

Gather information. +1 wits. +1 forward. 6/2,7. Strong hit. There is a bandit camp to the north. The murdered thief had beef with them. In the interest of the village, let’s take them out.

Undertake journey. +1 wits. 3/1,8. Weak hit. 3 progress. -1 supply.

Undertake journey. +1 wits. 6/7,10. Miss. Pay the price. It takes extra time -1 momentum. +3 progress.

Undertake journey. +1 wits. 4/10,11. Miss. It is tiring. -1 health. +3 progress.

Reach your destination. 9 progress. 6,1. Strong hit. +1 momentum. +1 forward.

Vilppu climbs into a tree and watches the bandit camp for awhile. It seems like they trade gold for trinkets with the firstborn and smuggled the gold into Elesett via galley.

Such immoral action has to be stopped and they even went as far as murdering a mouse that uncovered their little operation. The mice of Merenranta decide to bring an end to this and arrest the bandits.

Compel. Threaten +1 iron. Vilppu (loyalty 2) uses his brawny looks and athletic build to threaten the bandits into giving up, cunningly observing their reactions +3. 4/8,11. Miss. The bandits refuse Vilppus offer to get arrested. We must pay the price. -1 momentum. Bandits charge at Vilppu.

Enter the fray. Enemy is dangerous. Vilppu is surprised by the bandits quick action -1. Roll +1 wits. 1/6,7. Miss.

Pay the price. From the woods a group of bandits with hunting boss emerges. They immediately start picking us of. -1health

Clash. Vilppu (loyalty 1) charges right at the bandit chief. Using his athletics to move unbelievably fast and swings his pickaxe in a strong swing +2. 6,5/7. Strong hit. 3 harm. Cost payed loyalty 4.

The chief goes down in one swiftly blow, blood spraying on the snow. Vilppu (l3) swings it in a circle like a whirlwind. Strike. +2 athletic, brawny +1 iron. 2/4,8. Weak hit. 2harm.

Vilppu (l2) gets a few henchmen, but more and more come at him from every angle. Clash. He feels the tide turning against him. He shrieks as loud as he can and starts running straight through the pack, pushing them back, hacking and slashing in every direction. +2 athletic, brawny. At the same time he cunningly observes the henchmen’s smallest movements avoiding their weapons +1. +1 iron. 4/9,11. Miss.

Pay the price. The bowmen pick off another mouse. -1health. The townfolk starts routing back into the woods. Vilppu is separated from them.

Turn the tide. +1. In desperation Vilppu (l1) takes a jewel from his pocket, raises it into the air and shouts: “every bandit who helps us to detain the rest will go free and get one of these as reward.” +1 devious. He uses the ensuing confusion to kill a few more finally breaking their morale. +2 athletic, brawny. 1/3,5. Strong hit. +3 harm.

End the fight. 3,11. Strong hit. The bandits give up. The bandit bowmen flee into the woods. The rest is detained.

As the townfolk gets ready to march back home a firstborn appears at the edge of the wood.


Author: bernhard1986

Father of a 2 year old, working at a star up in a rural community. Like the occasional solo game in the evening

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