Character Asset: Vilppu

Nature reset: 4

Occupation: Tradesperson jeweler

Physical Appearance: brawny

Personality: aloof

Quick: allergic

Background: Has lived a life of danger

Instinct: Act impulsively

Cost: Glory


  • Devious: deceitful, treacherous, tricky. Just the sort you want working for you
  • Cunning: clever and observant.
  • Athletic: good at running, jumping, climbing and the like.
  • Hardy: tough, hard-working, and willing to put up with discomfort.
  • Proficient fighter: If Vilppu uses his signature pickaxe in a fight he does +1harm. Gained in Spring 1493.

Author: bernhard1986

Father of a 2 year old, working at a star up in a rural community. Like the occasional solo game in the evening

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