March 16th, 1493

Weather: mild, sunny, breezy

A trade galley didn’t reach the port of Merenranta. Go and look what happened.

Compel local fisherman to take us on his boat. Charm +3 heart. Bond: +1. Vilpuu uses cunning to observe what the fisherman might want in return +1, loyalty -1(3). 2/ 5, 12. Weak hit. He wants supplies for his loss of a workday. -1 supply.

Everyone gets on the little boat and we get off. Undertake journey. We try to move speedily +2 heart. 4/ 5, 12. Weak hit. -1 supply. 3 progress.

Undertake journey. We try to move speedily +2 heart. 5/ 1, 1. Strong hit. 3 progress.

Undertake journey. We try to move speedily +2 heart. 2/ 4, 8. Miss. A twist or new threat complicates current quest.

An owl is spotted in the sky. Apparently it is looking for prey. Did it get the trade galley?Let’s try to continue along the coast unseen.

Face danger. +2 shadow. Vilpuu uses devious +1, loyalty -1(2). 3/ 1, 8. Weak hit. We do it. The owl doesn’t spot the boat and flies inland. The men are discouraged: that’s not the start they had hoped for. -1 spirit. +3 progress

Reach destination. 9 progress. 7, 10. Weak hit. The trade galley is spotted, stranded in a coral reef under steep cliffs. All mice are dead, apparently eaten by the owl.

We need to get the supplies from the boat. Face danger. We need all our courage to navigate the heavy current. +3 heart. Vilpuu use your cunning observation of the water currents to guide us. +1, loyalty -1(1). 4/ 3, 8. Weak hit. –1 momentum. Health -1.

We load the precious merchandise on our small boat. It is honey. The men rejoice. The way back goes smoothly.

As soon as we start unloading the honey, Vilpuu starts giving a rousing speech to the local townsmice, describing and embellish info our adventure. Compel. Convince +3 heart. 1/3,1. Strong hit. New men join our party. +1 health. Vilpuu basks in his glory (cost). Loyalty reset to 4.

Sun is going down. Sojourn. Everyone is eating bread with honey tonight. +1. Bond +1. +3 heart. 1/4,5. Plan +2 momentum. Consort +2 spirit.


Author: bernhard1986

Father of a 2 year old, working at a star up in a rural community. Like the occasional solo game in the evening

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