25th October 1683

Morning in Middar. Thick clouds block the sun, it’s chilly and windy. Showers of rain and snow.

We’re the defenses prepared? 9. Yes very well prepared.

Were riders dispatched to call for help? 8. Yes they were sent and are well under way.

The ottomans are approaching but we still have time.

Von Eisenhut inspects the troops. Make camp 1 / 4, 7. +3 supply. Miss. The troops take no pride in parading in front of the captain with an enemy approaching. They would rather man the defenses. -2 spirit.

After a bit of a tantrum the captain orders his troops to man the defenses.

Eastern defenses are well built but dominated by a series of hills. Northern defenses with the mainroad leading deeper into the empire look good but the citizens didn’t clear the buildings in front of the city.

We cannot allow the ottomans to block our lifeline by occupying the buildings on the the road. They are near. We try to burn down the buildings nonetheless.

Face danger 2 5 8. We need to act with speed. +1 edge. Miss. Pay the price. It takes extra time. -1 momentum.

The ottomans used the time to move around the city unopposed and attack us while we burn down the buildings.

Enter the fray 3 0 9. Dangerous foe. We are ambushed. +2 wits. Weak hit. We give up on setting fire to the buildings, pull back our Sally but take initiative and prepare a strong counter attack.

We collect most of the troops and attack the ottomans while they try to put out the small fires and occupy the buildings. Strike 6 1 6. +3 iron. Strong hit. 4 progress. The ottomans take a lot of casualties in the fighting from building to building. We manage to throw them back. They start to build siege works in the west and bring up their heavy artillery. We try to strike first with the fortress artillery.

Strike 2 1 3. +1 edge. Weak hit. +2 progress. We manage to silence their artillery, but they digged trenches which endanger the western rampart. Our shot tried to snipe the sappers.

Clash 2 0 7. +1 edge. Weak hit. +2 progress. Situation worsens. Sappers are shipped but explosive charge goes off nonetheless. Western rampart is breached. Ottoman crack troops storm the breach.

Clash 5 6 9. +3 iron. Weak hit. +2 progress. Many citizens die in the fighting. Middar is now -population. I cannot gain + health or muster troops there.

Last stand 1 2 5. We risk it all and throw all remaining troops into the breach, but in the resulting slaughter the ottomans come out ahead. -2 health. -1 spirit. Ottomans are in the city now.

The city is lost. We need to get out now to have a chance to fight another day. Face danger 6 8 8. We endure the chaos and violence all around us and march out of the city, leaving the citizens to their fate. +3 iron. Strong hit. +1 momentum. The ottomans don’t follow us, they are busy pillaging the city.

We follow the road. Deep woods all around us. Finally the men break down at nightfall.

Health is at +2. Spirit 0. Supply +2.


Author: bernhard1986

Father of a 2 year old, working at a star up in a rural community. Like the occasional solo game in the evening

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