24th October 1683

At daybreak smoke can be seen in the distance along the road. The ottomans are swiftly marching on Maen. Their general seems to tear for the stockpiled ottoman wargear. We decide to burn the whole place down

Avoid danger 5 2 7. +3 iron. Strong hit. Momentum is at +7 now.

With Maen burning and of no use to the ottomans they will probably try to take Middar as fast as possible. Our plan is to stop them while they are crossing the bridge and ambush their flank from the woods with our commanded shot.

Fight at the bridge

Secure advantage 4 2 9. +1 shadow. Weak hit. While we are able to position the pike on the bridge, we cannot be sure whether the ottomans will take the bait.

Compel 6 1 7. +3 iron. Our pikemen cross the bridge boldly, pull down their pants and show their naked asses. Thus the ottoman are quite enraged and attack swiftly.

Enter the fray dangerous. While the ottoman move over the bridge our shot delivers a crushing volley on the packed enemy from their position in the woods. 1 4 6. +1 shadow. +1 prepared volley. Miss. The volley falls way short.

The ottoman light cavalry suddenly emerges and attacks our shot. Clash 2 1 5. Miss. We take -1 health and -1 spirit.

We risk it all by pushing the ottoman back with our pike wall, trying to get to the shot and lead them back to safety over the bridge. Last stand 6 1 9. +1 momentum

Strike 4 2 5. +3 iron. Strong hit. +2 harm

Face danger 6 4 8. +3 iron. Strong hit. Shot is now safely back over the bridge. We need to reload now, before the ottomans can regain their composure.

Secure advantage 1 1 1. +1 edge. Strong hit. Redress ranks and prepare volley.

Strike 5 3 7. +1 edge +1 prepared volley. Weak hit. +2 harm. Volley does damage but we lose initiative.

The ottomans attack over the bridge. Clash 3 1 8. +3 iron. Burn momentum. Strong hit. +3 harm.

End the fight 5 6. Ottomans fall back for now.

End of day

Resupply at Middar. 3 2 6. +2 wits. +2 Middar. Strong hit.

Ottomans lick their wounds, but we won’t be able to stop them from crossing the bridge once more. Tomorrow we need to prepare the defense of the town itself.


Author: bernhard1986

Father of a 2 year old, working at a star up in a rural community. Like the occasional solo game in the evening

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