23rd october 1683

Von Eisenhut’s company is tasked with slowing down the ottoman army and if at all possible to keep them from crossing the river Donube.

Next to the bridge there is a small wood, which could be used by the ottomans to construct siege works. A little further on a little village, called Maen, can be seen. The villagers know almost nothing about it, as they don’t date to cross the river into enemy territory. After the village the road turns East and finally leads into the mountains along a tiny path.

Von Decided to March to the mountain path as fast as possible. In the narrow defiles of the mountains his men should be able to slow down the ottoman and even more importantly they cannot be flanked by the dreaded sipahis.

Marching to the pass

Undertake troublesome journey. +1 (area known) +2w

1 4 3 weak hit, 3 progress, -1 supply

We reach Maen. Interestingly it has an enormous stockpile with all kinds of gear made for war. Seems like the ottomans will use it as a springboard for their campaign. The village had it’s share of misfortunes though. The defenses are almost not discernible and the population seems badly bled. We press on.

Undertake troublesome journey. +2w

2 3 8 weak hit. 3 progress, -1 supply

We are out of time, we need to reach our destination now:

3 9 weak hit

We reach the mountain path, but the ottoman column has almost reached open ground. We need to push them back. The ottoman column is headed by a company of janissary infantry. They seem to be badly exhausted. Our pike attacks immediately.

Attacking the Ottomans

Enter the fray. Dangerous foe. Face off +2 heart

1 3 6 miss. The pike takes to much time ordering it’s ranks. The janissary company is well into open ground and fully prepared and a small unit of light cavalry has slipped out to the right.

The janissary a fire a volley. +0 as our pike can’t fire back.

Clash 4 1 5 the volley goes to high and only manages to tear the flags. Still some men lose spirit. -1 spirit.

The janissaries chose to reload. We try to return fire with our shot before they are ready.

Clash 5 6 7. +2 harm. The volley does visibly shaken the janissaries but our pike is also thrown into confusion. They need to be redressed before taking another action.

Clash 3 1 3. Strong hit. Some of the janissaries are already fleeing. Their return volley falls way short. We need another strong hit to make them panic and route back into their column. We need to bring our pike to order as fast as possible

Face danger 5 1 5. +1 edge. Ranks of pike are swiftly redressed.

Strike 2 3 5. +3 iron. Strong hit. +2 harm

End the fight 2 7. The janissaries run for their lives without any semblance of order or thought for their comrades coming down the mountain path. The entire ottoman column descends into chaos as captains franticly try to keep order among their troops.

End of day

Von Eisenhut decides to fall back to Maen and make camp.

Make camp 4 4 4. +3 supply. Shot reloads. +1 spirit. +1 momentum.

That worked well enough, even though it was quite close. The ottoman column is probably still trying to regain it’s order, while our men enjoy a beer. The Turkish light cavalry is still out there somewhere, we need to keep an eye open tonight.


Author: bernhard1986

Father of a 2 year old, working at a star up in a rural community. Like the occasional solo game in the evening

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