Summer 1493 (4)

Weather: Mild sunny breezy.

Miklos surveys the work being done in Vapaanki. Other mice are way better than him at planning and working on land. His fur is itching to get on a boat again. Well enough, he thinks to himself, time to explore the rivers eastward.

Undertake Journey: 3/2,8. +3wits. Weak hit. -1supply (4)

At a fork in the river, Miklos spots some Ferrets to the north. He decides to follow the other river upstream to stay clear of the ferrets.

Undertake Journey: 6/3,9. +3wits. Weak hit. -1supply (3)

Undertake Journey: 6/3,9. +3wits. Weak hit. -1supply (3)

after crossing a large swamp, where the flow of the river isn’t clear at all times, as the arms crossed cross like a labyrinth, Miklos finally reachs a hill on which a giant statue of a bushel of brain is built. It seems to be effected by the same ancient mouse civilization on whose ruins Vapaanki is built.

Undertake Journey: 1/7,7. +3wits. Miss. The weather worsens. Seems like rain is coming.

Miklos decides to make camp at the statue.

As the rain clouds are approaching, Miklos inspects the giant statue. At it’s pedestal stories of mice are engraved. Mice differently clothed, coming together and sharing all kinds of goods. It seems like this statue was a meeting place. As the sun sets Miklos finds an entrance into the statue. He decides to wait until the next morning before exploring further.

Make camp. +3 supply. 6/4,10. Weak hit. +1momentum (4).

Next morning Miklos is awakened by the first sun rays and immediately starts exploring. To his surprise what looked like a statue from a far turns out to be a giant building. From the way the corridors and rooms are laid out it reminds him of the warehouses in the old world, but probably 10 times the size. He starts climbing up some old stairs.

Face danger. +2edge. 2/4,8. But as he does a ferret suddenly charges at him, from upstairs.

Enter the fray. +3wits. 1/2,3. Strong hit.

Miklos skillfully evades the ferrets attack.


Character asset: Miklos

Nature reset: 4

Occupation: captain

Physical Appearance:

Personality: easygoing, relaxed

Quirk: naive/idealistic

Background: Life of servitude, broke free his chains

Instinct: avoid danger or punishment



boatcrafter – can make a variety of boats

cartographer – creates and interprets maps

captain – well versed in steering any boat

scout – adept at spotting predators on the prowl



Summer 1493 (2+3)

//this is just a really short summary, as I played the last sessions mostly “offline”.

Vilppus party is scattered by a ferret hunting party. Vilppu himself, badly wounded and maimed, drags himself through the mountains, in the broad direction of Merenranta.

Miklos Thema Sailor decided to establish a city in the fields of gold. And tries to find a way north to Merenranta overland, meeting the newly built mine on his way.

Viktor the master builder from Elesett organised the villagers for the construction of the mine and went on his way. I have more details on that adventure. Although very brief as well:

Secure advantage. With precision +2. 3/1,10. Organising the materials takes longer than anticipated. -1 spirit.

They try to make a path to the mining site. Face danger. +3 wits. 2/4,9. They lose their way a few times. -1 supply.

Undertake journey. +3 wits. 5/7,9. Weak hit. -1 supply. +3progress

Undertake journey. +3 wits. 3/4,5. Strong hit. +3progress

Undertake journey. +3 wits. 4/2,4. Strong hit. +3progress

Milestone reached.

Reach destination. 9/1,8. Viktor immediately orders a wooden elevator to be built into the mouth of the cave.

Face danger. +1. +3wits. 3/6,6. Strong hit. Extra good through matches. Everyone considers this a milestone. Milestone reached.

Build a few small houses. 3/3,9. Weak hit. -1supply.

Check jewels. Gather information. +3wits. Strong hit. Viktor immediately discovers that these sparkling stones are not jewels after all. They may have looked that way from far away and too a greedy mouse even more so. No these stones are something completely different. He throws one of them to the ground and it explodes, throwing small stones everywhere.

Milestone reached.

Build the mining facility. +3wits. 6/1,9. Weak hit. -1supply.

Close off the mouth of the cave and build a doorway to be safe from predators. +3 wits. 2/1,2. Strong hit.

Build an inn. +3wits. 2/1,9. Weak hit. -1supply. Supply is now at zero.

Milestone reached.

Summer 1493 (1)

As the ships with food and costruction gear arrive, the mice gather and discuss the next steps in a great assembly.

Piriot is for constructing the mine as fast as possible. Dangerous Quest

Vilppu wants to explore a few days worth marching in every direction to find a food source that gets the colony through the winter. Dangerous Quest

Miklos – captain of the fastest ship in port offers to explore up or down coast to aid the colony. Troublesome quest. After much deliberation the mice decide that he should sail south first.

Weather: mild, hazy, humid

Undertake journey. +3 wits. +1 sea wise. 5/2/9. Weak hit. 2progress -1 supply (4).

Discovery: On the coast Miklos sees the ruins of an old city, almost completely overgrown with jsut the remnants of old towers being a clear indicator of what once happened here. Their is no indication of a destructive event like a war or earthquake. It seems like the mice who built the city abandoned it a few hundred years ago.

Undertake journey. +3 wits. +1 proficient sailor. 2/1/3. Strong hit. 2progress.

Undertake journey. +3 wits. +1 proficient sailor. 2/7/8. Miss. the weather worsens. A thunderstorm is coming from the sea. The mice decide to press on. -1 spirit (4).

Undertake journey. +3 wits. +1 proficient sailor. 2/5,9. Weak hit. -1 supply (3). 2progress.

Undertake journey. +3 wits. +1 proficient sailor. 3/1/8. Weak hit. -1 supply (2). 2 progress.

Reach destination. 6progress/5,5. Matches. The mice discover the mouth of a big river. With the storm quickly approaching they decide to sail inland a bit and make landfall, wherever shelter from the thunderstorm may be gotten. Milestone reached. After sailing upstream for a bit, they discover the ruins of another major city. As thunder cracks around them the Mice, led by Miklos, quickly fasten the boat and take refuge amidst the ruins. Miklos, adventurous as he is, climbs one of the old towers and from his lookout he can see that the old city ruins are situated in a field of wild crops as far as his eyes can see. Overwhelmed with joy Miklos is overcome by fatigue and falls asleep.

Meanwhile in Merenranta Vilppu is hatching a plan. To the east of the village is a wasteland to the south are mountains. His first expedition will thus head straight north. Before sunrise the adventurers will cross the bay and resupply at the abandoned bandits camp. As soon as the sun is up they will start marching north.

Undertake journey. +1 wits. +1hardy Vilppu (n3). 3/3,4. Strong hit. +2progress. -1supply(3). +1momentum (7).

Undertake journey. +1 wits. +1hard Vilpuu (n2). 6/7,7. Strong hit. +2progress. -1supply(2). +1momentum (8).

Undertake journey. +1 wits. 1/4,5. Miss. -1supply(1). The hard pace from Vilppu is too much for the other mice. They suffer -1health(2).

Vilppu (n1) understands that it is time for a break. While the other mice rest he scavenges for food. Resupply. +1wits. +1athletic. 6/3,5. Strong hit. +2supply(3). Make camp. +3supply. 4/1,8. Burn Momentum(2) Strong hit. Recuparate, +Health(3). Focus, momentum(3). Prepare +1forward. As Vilppus anture is reduced to one now, he will withdraw himself until direly needed.

Undertake journey. +1 wits. 3/2,10. Weak hit. +2progress. -1supply(2).

Undertake journey. +1 wits. 2/8,9. Miss. The break was too short. -1spirit(3) as the mice are tiring. Dispirited as they are, they don’t watch where they are going as attentive as before and lose their bearings.

Undertake journey. +1 wits. 4/3,10. Weak hit. +2progress. -1supply(1).

Reach destination. 8progress/6,8. Weak hit. While stumbling through the hills, the party suddenly reaches a river. On the other side of the river they see a horde of mice frantically fighting each other in complete chaos. They don’t seem to notice or care about the small advernturing party. The villagers look look on in astonishment as these firstborn mice go at each other throats with reckless abandon. Milestone reached.

As more and more firstborn mice stop fighting and start taking an interest in the small party, Vilppu pulls himself together and orders the villagers to retreat into the bushes.

Compel +3heart. 4/3,7. Weak hit. While Vilppu is sucessfull, he has to use some rather gross swearwords. Some of the mice are thus dispirited -1spirit(2). Vilppu’s nature is now taxed.

As the sun is setting the distraught party makes camp. 5/9,10. +3supply. Miss.

Pay the price. A new threat complicates things. Unfortunately the mice don’t get any rest, as they hear a fox creeping through the bushes.

Next morning they decide to tiptoe to the river and use any leafs they can find to be carried downstream, away from the fox and the crazy firstborns.

Face danger. +2shadow. 4/7,9. They make it, but while they reach the shore they are noticed by the remaining firstborn mice. All of them bloodied and wounded, but apparently to tired to fight on. The sickening sight further lowers morale among the mice -1spirit(1).

Undertake a journey. +1wits. 5/8,8. Miss. Matches: very bad result! Pay the price: a person you trusted acts against you.

Suddenly Rahona emerges from the bushes with a group of firstborn mice in tow. They seem to be outfitted with bows. They draw their bows and shoot right at the helpless mice on the leafs. -2 health (1).

The desperate mice try to speed up their boats before a second volley can land using everything they have as paddles. Face danger. +3heart. 1/6,10. Miss. A second volley lands -2health(0). Endure harm +1Iron. 4/3,4. Weak hit. The few remaining mice duck low into their leafs and hang on. Thankfully the river has carried them out of harms way.

The mice don’t dare to get off the leafboats for an entire day. -1supply(2). Finally after crossing a large wasteland, the river goes into a thick forest. When suddenly after a bend in the river they notice a tower built onto a boulder in the middle of the river, connected to the shore by a bridge to the left and right.

The size of the keep tells the distraught party, that it had to be built by animals considerably larger than themselves.

The helpless mice send a prayer to their mice gods and duck low into their leaves, hoping that whoever mans the tower doesn’t discover them.

Face danger. +2shadow. 5/4,5. Strong hit. The mice hear nothing and see noone, the only sign of live being the smoke from the chimneys.

With all their rations eaten by now, the mice decide, with a heavy heart, to make landfall.







Spring 1493 (5)

Weather: mild, sunny, breezy

The villagers consult Vilppu in the tavern. The owl was seen in the sky very often in the last week. It seems as if she senses the invasion of her turf by the mice. “Oh yes the owl” Vilppu moans “we will need to take care of her”. Vilppu goes to Piriot, who had himself built a nice house at the seaside. “Piriot my Lord, we are eager to get the jewel mine going and let our small village prosper, but there is one more thing to do before that.”

“What is it now? Didn’t I order food and gear and all of it at my expense?”

“It’s about the owl”

“I see”

Compel. +3 heart. 1/3,7. Weak hit.

“My dear Vilppu, I will gladly pay the strongest woodworkers in town and the deftest fishermen for 3days worth, to go slay that beast with you, but…”

“What is it my lord”?”

“If I will donate myself to this little colony, and lead it into a new era, you will speak for me in the gathering and you will support my claim to Baronhood.”

“Sure my Lord”

Vilppu quickly went outside as the air inside the house suddenly felt quite cold. What an aloof idiot this Piriot could be. Merenranta a duchy? Piriot Lord Baron of Merenranta. Ha only fools can believe it. Let’s get the ablest mice and do what really needs to be done.

Compel. +3heart. +1bond +1cunning Vilppu (n4). 3/2,6. Strong hit.

Vilppu gathers the strongest woodworkers with long pikes and the deftest fishermen with nets and ropes. His plan couldn’t be simpler. Attack the owl while it’s sleeping during the day. Tie it down and stab it until it bleeds to death. It would surely be an end deserved by such a foul beast.

Undertake a Journey. +1bond. +1wits. +1cunning. 5/5,7. Strong hit. The villagers look for any trace of the owl in the woods. Gather information. +1wits. 6/8,9. Miss. While the mice is fanned out to look for the owl suddenly appears above them. It immediatly heads for Vilppu, dive bombing with incredible speed. Enter the fray. +1wits. Vilppu waits for the last moment (cunning) and uses all his strength (brawny) and speed (athletic) to push a pike in the owls direction, one second before it would get her (+3, n2). 2/1/6. Strong hit.

As the owl lands, its left foot is pierced by the pike. Immediatly the fishermen come running from all sides to capture the beast with their nets and ropes. Strike. +3 Iron. 1/2,7. Weak hit. The mice manage to inflict 2 harm, but the owl frees itself and the mice are pushed away. The woodworkers arrive forming a hedgehog with their pikes in which the other mice hide. Secure an advantage. +3 Iron. 3/1/2. Strong hit. The owl is blinded by its rage and attacks into the hedgehog. Strike. +3 Iron, +1 advantage. 5/3/4. Strong hit. +2 harm. The owl is badly harmed by the wall of pikes. The mice start driving her back while she staggers, unable to get the breathing room needed to lift up into the air. Strike. +3 Iron. 1/4/6. Miss. The owl side steps the charging mice and sweeps them with her beak. Clash. +3 Iron 3/1,2. Strong hit. The mice wild their pikes in reaction while the fishermen use the owls lowered head to swing their nets. +2 harm +1 extra harm.  Vilppu uses the opportunity to jump out of heap of mice, right towards the owls head, swinging his pike axe wildly. Strike +3 Iron. Brawny Athletic Cunning +3. 3/1,1. Strong hit. +2 harm +1 harm. The axe cracks right through the owls forehead with a earsplitting thud. Vilppu is carried on by his momentum landing a few meters behind the owl, while the owl slowly falls over. End the fight. 9progress/5,6. Strong hit.

The villagers carry Vilppu home, celebrating him as their hero (nature restored). Sojourn +2 heart 3/4,10. Weak hit. +2 supply.

Vilppu advances:

Through his almost daily use of his pickaxe as a weapon Vilppu gains the ability:

Proficient fighter: If Vilppu uses his pickaxe in a fight he does +1harm.




Spring 1493 (4)

Weather: chilly, cloudy, downpur, windy

Recap: After his last adventure with the firstborn wise Rahona, Vilppu was left depressed. Maybe he was moved by Rahonas believe in harmony between nature and mice, or he was just disappointed by the lack of reaction when he told his newest story in the tavern of Merenranta.

Luckily one chilly morning a boat arrived and a noblemouse from Elesett set foot into the village. Piriot was determined to find glory and renown in the new world. First step: visit the local tavern.

A drunken (still) Vilppu tries to convince Piriot that he is one of the greatest adventurers to ever live. Compel +3heart +1cunning. 5/1,1. Strong hit. Cost payed, Vilppus nature is no longer taxed.

The townspeople try to convince Piriot in helping them to find a food source for the winter. Compel +3heart. Vilppu chimes in by telling talltales of his adventures +1 Cunning. 4/7,8. Weak hit. Piriot agrees to divert some of is families resources under the condition that they also look for resources to exploit. As Vilppu is a jeweler, they decide to look for jewels or precious ores in the wildernes.

First the adventure party resupplies in the storehouse. Resupply +1bond. 1/12,12. Miss. Pay the price. The situation worsens. The adventures discover that the stores are infested with mice and not useable. The village is in dire need of food.

Undertake Journey. +1wits. +1bond. Vilppu leads the men by example (n2) +1. 2/4,8. Weak hit. +3 progress. -1 supply. Undertake Journey. +1wits. 2/2,12. Weak hit. +3 progress. -1 supply. The party reaches an area of hills. They discover a few berry bushes (no joke it happened). +1 supply.

Undertake Journey. +1wits 4/2,4. Strong hit. +3progress.

Reach destination. 9progress/10,11. Miss. After crossing the hills towards a mountain range the mice notice that they moved into a wasteland. The mountainrange being far away in the distance. Crossing the wasteland is no option without supplies, they head south, but lose a lot of time. With their first enthusiasm gone, the party moves markedly slower.

Undertake Journey. +1wits. 2/1,10. Weak hit. +2 progress. -1 supply. Undertake Journey. +1wits. 3/2,3. Strong hit. +2 progress. Undertake Journey. +1wits. 2/1,10. Weak hit. +2 progress. -1 supply. Undertake Journey. +1wits. 3/2,3. Strong hit. +2 progress.

Vilppu (n1) recognises that they must be dangerously close to the nest of the owl encountered in the beginning of spring. He leads the party slowly through the mountains using every possible cover. Face Danger. +2 shadow. 2/7,8. Miss. Pay the price. The weather worsens. A cold storm sucks the physical and mental strength out of the party. -1health + -1spirit.

Undertake Journey. +1 wits. 4/3,6. Weak hit. Party is now out of supply. +2 progress.

Reach destination. 8progress/5,9. Weak hit. The mice finally find a cave in the mountains in which sparkling jewels can be seen. To reach the deposit a steep downwards climb is needed though. Unfortunately the mice don’t have gear to make the climb. They decide to move back home.

Back in the tavern Vilppu (n0 taxed nature) tries to compel Piriot to use his resources to supply them the needed gear to start mining the jewels and to feed the villagers until profits are made. Compel +3heart. +1cunning. 1/1,7. Weak hit. Piriot consents but the villagers have to sign a treaty that 60% of the profit goes directly to Piriot. Vilppus nature restored by convincing Piriot and bragging a little bit about the adventure.

Piriot (n4) writes a letter to his family, urging them to send builders and gear to construct a jewel mine and to use the fastest boats available to send foodstuffs for the villagers. Compel +3heart. Piriot+2 orater/manipulator +1power. 4/6,6. Strong hit. +1momentum.

The foodstuffs will be here for the next session. The gear and builders will arrive in summer.





Character asset: Piriot

PiriotNature reset: 5

Occupation: noble

Physical Appearance: notable nose

Personality: envious, greedy

Quirk: phobia of darkness

Background: noble (resourceful old world)

Instinct: Lord over others

Cost: Renown


Connected (old world): they have friends in the old world.

Resourceful (old world): anything they want, they can get.

Power (old world): they can command those who believe in the order of the old world.

Trained Orator: good at convincing crowds.

Natural Manipulator: good at maniplulating others.